Trending Photos: Notorious Dancehall King, Shatta Wale And Notorious Pastor, Rev Obofour With The Notorious Mallam, Mallam Naa Tia In A “Thanksgiving”Photo


The unpopular statement, there is truth to everything could be confirmed here as a very accurate statement.

In these photos are three notoriously noisy people who won’t let our ears feel  the natural noise of the environment- it’s either the dancehall king is ranting about something senseless on social media or the pastor is busily showing off his wealth and waiting for applauds from his intoxicated mad followers or the notorious Mallam is just busy causing havoc on social media to which  you cannot unfriend him- he will always come back .

It’s surprising to see all these guys taking a photo together. Could it be for a thanksgiving that the pastor had to see a Mallam ? Was his God asleep or the dancehall king probably went there to perform for him , just like a private party kind of.

There are other versions of what these photos interpret and it’s known all over but what’s the evidence that these claims could be true ? There are no facts that these two entertainers went  for some form of powers from this mallam, this is what most people think but can it be proofed ? Well pictures don’t lie.

Seen there is the face of the dancehall king , smiling which translates-I am happy it worked ! And there is the pastor,very confident that whatever deal was being transacted, it will surely work and finally, there is the notorious powerful man full of himself and taking pictures with the faith that his god will work for his clients.

But like this portal continues to stress on, your interpretations of things are not always the truth so maybe there is no meaning to the photos, just fans meeting fans !!!


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