The Facts! Andy Dosty Was Intimidated By Okess1’s Riches So He Kicked Him Out Of His Studio


Andy Dosty backed by a natural force of jealousy which eventually got him intimidated by Okess1 has nothing to say about his actions but shut up and swallow what ever comes his way.

Whatever happened earlier in the studios shouldn’t be a yardstick to publicly downgrade someone in your studio.
From the mic go, Andy Dosty came hard at Okess1 when the interview didn’t even get to a starting point – it was pre-meditated to do what ever he did and through his recklessness, Okess1 is rather seen to be disrespectful.

Andy Dosty has become too proud and way over his head that he thinks by granting radio interviews to musicians, they will end up getting what they’ve been yearning for.. A hit !!

What he fails to understand is the fact that , most listeners listen to you because of who you are interviewing at the moment and not just because you are Andy Dosty!

Okess1’s yie yie song has already taken him out of the category of being an underground musician and the treatment you give to your selected kind of celebrities should be the same you give to any musician who comes to your studio. In the studio there shouldn’t be that tag name of who is the eish and who isn’t. It’s a place where everyone comes to promote their craft and all shouldn’t be treated as same regardless of where you have categorized your supposed loved ones.

Andy Dosty’s attitude towards Okess1 was just a mere case of intimidation and jealousy borne out of the fact that Okess1 who is an underground musician in his eyes is way richer than him.

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