Stonebwoy Gives Shatta Wale A New Name After The Argument Of Who Started the “ 1” Trend Gets Heated On Social Media


Shatta wale has been the talk of the internet as he had  been the centre of the internet for the past few days.

Shatta Wale went from having a fight with Aisha Modi which he lost,to being featured with his 3 songs on a Spanish movie and now into another battles of who is originator of  the “1” trend.

Stonebwoy who released the most catchy artwork for his one 1Gad song disappointed many fans when he finally released the it . What was expected to have been in the song came out disappointing and nothing even near to his GOAT status as displayed on the art work.

It didn’t take much time for the comparisons to begin but before it was even started we knew 1Don by Shatta Wale was a far better song than 1Gad by stonebwoy.

It does not mater whose name popped up first but what matters and what is factual here is, Shatta Wale is surely influencing other musicians to pick up the “1” trend.

A tend setter we must call him- To announce his achievements, Shatta wale took to social media to give that epic announcement to whoever had been influenced by his “1” trend.

He posted ;

In response to this epic announcement by Shatta wale, stonebwoy took to his timeline and posted a more epic message to wale on his status calling Shatta wale “Don Bortey “

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