Queen Peezy Has the Brains Of A Child And There Goes The Woman Beater DKB, Who Seeks To Redeem Himself Through The Most Ridiculous Way


Our society surely frowns on any man beating a woman but the loud mouth of most women usually goes too far to the point that hitting her could only be the only option of satisfying  your hot raging blood but how you do it and where you do it, usually is the problem.

DkB’s appearance on the big brother show  which led to his career as a comedian started from here , the recognition that gave him the comedian tag was born here but it was the same house that also almost killed his career and it was all his fault, not the silly girl she slapped.

Like a  gorilla stumping his chest with pride  after an explosive powerful mating with his lover so did DKB behave when he landed that slap on Zainab, from Sierra Leon- He felt accomplished, proud that he did that and that got him kicked out the BBA show, a punishment still seen as the most silliest punishment of all time .

DKB should have been banned from ever appearing on any tv but he came back home and had the welcome of a the star. Bullshit !!

Fast forward to the redemption point where he is ignorantly being the jackass he is while thinking he is being supportive.

As coiled from SVTV Africa, the story of clout chaser Queen Peezy reveals how this fake rape happened.

She made the revelation on SVTV Africa, explaining that it happened three years ago, adding that comedian DKB was made aware of the incident.

”The rape incident happened at Adenta. The artiste invited me to his office and had sex with me which was consensual. After that, the artiste called in a friend to have sex with me too.

So they both had sex with me and later gave me 40gh as transport but I tore the money into pieces and left, ”

Speaking on how DKB became aware of the rape incident, she implied that ”before they gang-raped me, I told them about DKB who was like a godfather to me.

The internet is where you get the hits , it’s no longer the radios  nor the Tv’s and it’s really shocking that this dumb girl has figured it out.

Like birds of a feather flocking on a rhythm, she decided to confide in her fellow bird who appears to be on the same reasoning with her, she did and guess what happened ? Nothing !! The comedian who seems to be clueless about real life events and who even has difficulties in choosing which is real and which is fake decided to wait for the right time to make a move on the rapist .

When is the right time to make a police case concerning rape ? Do you wait for the person to get to the stage of being a person of interest so you can go in and take whatever amount of cash he made or you are waiting to get over  with  the psychological pain you went through ? Waiting doesn’t solve rape issues , pretentious , greedy weak minded people only uses this method because it’s all about trading what ever the rapist took from you for money in the future. Your only way of getting the money is to wait when the rapist gets rich.

Yes! DKB knows who the rapist is , the girl knows who the rapist is but both have all agreed to wait till he gets rich so they can make their move on him . Retards !!

The redemption DKB seeks to redeem is surely going to be another redemption of stupidness, carelessness and of course a gradual disappearance of his reasoning.

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