Nakom’s Lead Character Gets Help From Ama K Abebrese After Thieves Made Away With His Motor Bike


We’ve heard the numerous stories about Ama K Abebrese who keeps helping people on a low key mission but this time we happened to chance on a gift she gave to one interesting figure in the movie industry by name Jacob Ayanaba who played the lead role Iddrissu, in Nakom.

Jacob Ayanaba is an actor who played the lead role in NAKOM- A movie that was shot in Ghana and directed by Kelly Daniela Norris and T. W. Pittman.

Ama K Abrebese has become the motivation and inspiration for Jacob Ayanaba his first encounter with her.

Till now, Jacob Ayanaba still continues to draw inspiration and mentorship from Ama K Abebrese.

Nakom which takes place in Ghana, where Iddrisu (Jacob Ayanaba), studying to become a doctor, lives in the city of Kumasi. His father’s death calls him home to the farming village of Nakom, where Ms. Pittman served in the Peace Corps.

Regarded by his family as a big-city boy uninterested in traditions, Iddrisu re-acclimates to a rural lifestyle. Torn about how long to stay, he has competing obligations to his scholarship and to a debt that Uncle Napoleon (Thomas Kulidu), Iddrisu’s father’s brother, gives him until the harvest to pay off.

Nakom has had its best times as it was screened in big theatres in France  and even had a review in the New York Times website but for some reasons, it never got the attention in Ghana it really deserved.

Nakom was shot in 2016 and has so far placed Ghana on the map as compared to other movies but most of the actors and actresses in the movie barely enjoyed the fame they should have gotten from this brilliant movie.

The lead character who should be a Hollywood movie star because of his excellent portrayal of the character, Iddrisu, in Nakom is still in Ghana but is now engaging in small budgeted movies.

Jacob Ayanaba the lead character in Nakom on the 20th of December lost his favourite motor bike which helped him go on errands and when Ama k Abebrese heard of this misfortune on a fellow actor, went straight for the rescue and sent money to Jacob to get a new motor bike.

Jacob Ayanaba

Her act of kindness to a fellow actor should be what all actors in Ghana should be emulating as looking out for each other is the only  way we can all have a good feeling of being recognized in the smaller ways we play our roles.


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