It’s Been 5 Days 11 hours And 50 seconds , Still Beyoncé Hasn’t Even Liked The Photo Shatta Wale Tagged her in; She Probably Hates Unnecessary Noise


The hype has died down, Beyoncé came and took whatever she wanted from Shatta Wale and it’s over but Shatta wale still doesn’t understand that when a prostitute has been used up, she is no longer a necessity afterwards.

Shatta Wale is the prostitute Beyoncé identified in Ghana and after tapping  into Shatta wale’s fan base and gaining the awards and mentions, she has since forgotten Shatta wale who is now stuck with his memory of her and some tags on social media.

Shatta wale has been used up , Beyoncé has moved on and the unnecessary tagging should end now ! This is what Beyoncé probably wants to tell him but out of respect she has for him, she has allowed him to reason to this destination of You are of no value to me but the self acclaimed dancehall king can’t just let it go so he continues with his unnecessary tags.

We have been monitoring and hoping Beyoncé will react to to this tag but guys, it’s been 5 days 11 hours and 50 seconds -yet still no reaction from her.

At this period, it is clear Beyoncé is done with Shatta wale !

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Lucas Punch

I do not just write words.- I bring words to life -I love to sit in the darkest places and breath my words out-humor laced with filthy words and a bottle of rum makes my day.


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