Abass Sariki, A Too Mature Man OR Just A Misguided Choice Of Loyalty Who Doesnt Know Where His Loyalty Lies


We may have divided feeling for the people we come across everyday but can you love a friend more than you love your wife? this is the case of Abass sariki in the midst of two people he cherishes most but at the end of the day he became a disappointment of loyalty to his wife. Now lets crack this confused man up and tell him where his allegiance and loyalty should tag on.

So this is Abass Sariki bowing to shatta wale for what ever reason, we can’t tell but that act is a sign of loyalty. 

Again this is Abass Saraki with his wife Aisha Modi.

We know the story so lets jump the details of the bout and go straight for where it seems more complicated to understand

Now let’s concentrate on Abass Sariki .. How is he managing this ? Your most loved musician goes at your woman with the dirtiest words yet you remain so quite over all this.

Two things:

I don’t think his relationship with Shatta wale will ever be the same and if it is then Abass’s love for Shatta Wale is unimaginable, it could never be something close to gay affair . Never!!  but the world is now a mysterious place so anything could happen.

How does Abass Saraki sleep with Aisha modi at night with all those hurtful things thrown at his wife by Shatta wale ? Defending you wife in public makes you the man you are supposed to be and this has nothing to do with maturity .

At this point Abass Sariki hasn’t shown any loyalty to his wife . Shouldn’t she walk out of the marriage ? No ! Every woman loves money so that’s where she will stay even if loyalty is no longer a thing to talk about.

He is rich but he can’t defend his wife in times of war. Do you as woman walk out on the pretentious marriage web or you had rather throw all that aside and stay in the marriage just to continue enjoying your cash from the cash machine that can never defend you in the open

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